research for
B2B companies

Power your content strategy with original insights delivered straight from your ideal customers.

Narrowed scope, magnified results


Demand research is an approach that involves surveying your ICP and only addressing issues that your product solves, followed by a deep-dive analysis. The original insights serve as a foundation for a foolproof content and GTM strategy for teams with minimal bandwidth but aggressive growth targets.

Why demand research?

Because you need better content,  not  more content

Drive demand with guaranteed relevance

We only survey your ICP with questions tailored to your product. This ensures that the content created isn’t just relevant to your ideal buyer, but also leads back to your solution in an unforced way.

Repurpose and reformat across channels

With one survey fueling months of high-quality content, you can step safely off the content hamster wheel with a research process designed specifically for lean, growth-stage content teams.

Stand out with unique and original insights

Our analysis uncovers the most compelling storylines from the survey data. The product-specific research along with direct quotes means neither your competitors, nor AI, can replicate it.

Never pay for another backlink again

The only thing Google likes more than your ad spend? Original third-party research. The same goes for the press. Earn your backlinks organically instead of paying thousands of dollars each month.

How it works

The demand
research process

Strategy session
Every project starts with a strategy meeting to ensure clarity on business objectives. We also get alignment on the target audience and identify ideal content outputs, potential topics, and storylines to research.
Develop survey
We leverage a combination of quantitative and open-text qualitative questions that only extend to the problems their company solves. Qualitative interviews with SMEs can also be included in our research.
Execute survey
We handle all the logistics of the survey execution, making sure to source a statistically significant amount of responses from your target audience and including multiple segments when necessary.
Extract insights
We look at each of the questions individually then zoom out to view the data in its totality. When we see themes emerge, we dig a layer deeper to extract the insight that leads to relevant, engaging, and high-quality content.
Present our findings
No data dumps here. We organize our analysis and present the key themes and narratives that emerged from the research – along with the insights and data points to support them – back to your team.
Create content
Finally, we guide you on how to build your content strategy around all of the above. No matter the format, the end product can’t help but resonate with your target audience. After all, it came directly from them.
What to expect

The deliverables

Case studies

Demand research in action

6 months of content from one survey

How our insights from a single survey helped Adverity create cornerstone content that they repurposed into six months of omni-channel content.

2x revenue in 12 months with content

How we doubled revenue for NewsCred in one year from a content strategy built on our insights, including driving $750K in pipeline from one webinar.

Quantifying trust: What’s in a logo?

How we took a struggling review site to one of the most visited websites in the world and quantified the value of their brand assets.

From GTM to 8-figures ARR

How we built Welcome Software’s content strategy from scratch and fueled their rapid growth, resulting in a major acquisition in less than two years.

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