The Sirkin Research Process

From 2D data to 3D insight

Data without insight isn’t actionable, insight drawn from the wrong data is meaningless, and the channel doesn’t matter if the content isn’t relevant.

These are the three biggest issues plaguing B2B marketing today and the three issues we solve with our process at Sirkin Research.

After establishing our client’s ideal buyer and surveying them with questions that only pertain to problems our client’s solution addresses, we take it a step further.

Refusing to stop at the first stat, we pull on the threads and connect the dots between seemingly disparate data points until we answer the one question other research companies can’t: why?

process, unparalleled

Establish objectives
Every project kicks off with a strategy session with representatives from across your entire GTM team – not just content. This ensures alignment on business objectives and target audience.
We’ll also determine the ideal types of content to create as an output at this time.
Develop survey
Using our clients’ assumptions as our hypotheses to test, we leverage a combination of quantitative and open-text qualitative questions that only extend to the problems their company solves.
We'll sometimes perform qualitative interviews before developing the survey if a broader perspective is needed.
Execute survey
We handle all the logistics of the survey execution, making sure to source a statistically significant amount of responses from your target audience and including multiple segments when necessary.
We don't have anything interesting to say about this step. This sentence is literally just to make the section visually consistent.
Extract insights
We look at each of the questions individually then examine how the results compare to the our initial hypotheses.
From there, we zoom out to view the data in its totality. When we see themes emerge, we dig a layer deeper to get to the root of them and extract the insight that leads to relevant, engaging, and high-quality content.
Present our findings
No data dumps here. We organize our analysis and present our findings back to your GTM team focusing on key data points, outcomes of hypothesis testing, and contextual insights.
We also provide proprietary recommendations, implications, and opportunities tailored to your objectives established in step one based on tried and tested approaches from previous client projects.
Create content
Finally, we take the product-specific insight extracted from your ideal customers and help you incorporate it into your GTM strategy.
Demand content, updated messaging for your homepage, a newly prioritized product roadmap – or all of the above – the end product can’t help but resonate with your target audience. After all, it came directly from them.
Case studies

Our process in action

6 months of content from one survey

How our insights from one survey helped Adverity create persona-specific messaging and cornerstone content they repurposed for six months.

2x revenue in 12 months with content

How we doubled revenue for NewsCred in just one year from a demand gen strategy built on our insights, including $750K in pipeline from one webinar.

Quantifying trust: What’s in a logo?

How we took a struggling review site to one of the most visited websites in the world and quantified the value of their brand assets.

From GTM to 8-figures ARR

How we built Welcome Software’s GTM strategy from scratch and fueled their rapid growth, resulting in a major acquisition in less than two years.

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