What is demand research?

Research that drives an ROI

According to our most recent State of B2B Marketing Report, generating net new demand is the number one priority for B2B marketers in 2023.

Yet differentiating in a saturated market was the second biggest pain point.

These two data points make sense:

If you can’t differentiate, your audience doesn’t know why they should buy from you. And if they don’t know why they should buy from you, they’re not going to.

In other words, you can’t drive demand.

Until now, market research was the only type of B2B research on the market.

This can be helpful at a high level to learn industry trends and uncover growth opportunities.

But a deep understanding of one’s ideal buyer – a prerequisite for driving growth – is something it can never provide.

The broadness of the survey audience and topics, combined with the absence of analysis, prevents market research from moving the needle for businesses.

That’s why we created demand research, an approach designed specifically to drive an ROI.

This means product-specific surveys with only your ICP as the audience, followed by a deep-dive analysis layer.

By only asking about the pain points that your product solves and narrowing the scope of our surveys to just your ideal buyer, we ensure that the insights we extract are relevant to both you and the people you’re selling to.

The end result?

A foundation for a foolproof GTM strategy that speaks directly to your target audience and naturally leads back to your solution in a way that drives demand.

Survey Questions

Only about your solution

Survey Audience

Solely your ideal buyers

Analysis layer

Key patterns uncovered

A foundation for a foolproof content and GTM strategy
Positioning / messaging
Sales enablement
Case studies

Demand research in action

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