2x revenue in 12 months with content

How we doubled revenue for NewsCred in just one year from a demand gen strategy built on our insights, including $750K in pipeline from one webinar.

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Prior to being acquired by Industry Dive, NewsCred delivered original content, licensed content, and strategy services at scale for some of the world’s largest brands, including Johnson & Johnson, General Electric, Cisco Systems, and Bank of America. 

NewsCred was our first client to grasp the power of continuous research as the basis of their entire demand gen strategy.

We worked with them over the course of a year and completed over 6 individual projects with them before they were acquired.



Build brand awareness and drive demand through content built on original research


Increase search engine rankings and website traffic for broad industry keywords


Get press from general and industry-specific press outlets



Key Approaches

Survey, blog, webinar – repeat

Newscred’s previous content hadn’t been resonating with their target audience.

However, instead of switching their tactics (blogs, webinars, and ebooks), they switched to content fueled by original, third-party research.

After a survey, they created a short blog post.

Here’s the winning formula they used: data plus analysis of the problem (20%), insight as to why this matters to the audience (70%), and how their solution solved this problem (10%).

They would then work the blog content into a webinar, but with a much bigger focus on NewsCred’s solution. After we completed multiple surveys, they combined the insights into a more robust report

It was this content approach that played the biggest role in doubling their revenue in one year.

First-to-market insights

One month after posting their Top Initiatives and Top Challenges blog posts, COVID hit.

What was mission-critical for marketing leaders just a week prior was now irrelevant. But we saw an opportunity and pivoted – fast.

We executed a survey on how COVID was impacting marketers, performed the analysis, and published the report, all within two weeks. 

Because NewsCred was first to market with insights on this topic, top tier press outlets were eager to pick up the story.

The corresponding webinar smashed internal records and drove over $750K in new pipeline.

Trojan Horse Method

The Trojan Horse Method is what we call using a client's internal prospect database as the respondents of the survey. 

This results in crowdsourced insights from clients’ target audience that gets turned into data-rich content that their target audience is eager to consume.

It also allows the client to market the content back to their prospects to drive demand from the contacts they already wanted to target.

Good Cop / Bad Cop Method

Using a third party for research adds distance between a company and the data. This is crucial for credibility.

If a company conducts the research themselves, the stats that they share on the challenges in the market seem self-serving and less believable.

Each section of both the blog and webinar would start by making Sirkin Research the Bad Cop by stating a data point from the survey (e.g., the #1 challenge the survey respondents were facing). 

NewsCred would spend time talking about the challenges more specifically, how and why it matters, and connecting any other complementary data points.

After empathizing with the audience’s challenges, NewsCred then comes in as the Good Cop with their solution that solves the exact problem highlighted in the research we conducted.


Competitive keyword ranking

They achieved top ranking spots in their desired, high-volume keywords, including:

  • Ranked 1st for “Top Marketing Initiatives”
  • Ranked 3rd for “Marketing Initiatives” 
  • Ranked 4th for “Top Marketing Challenges” 
  • Ranked 9th for "Marketing Challenges”

Record breaking webinar engagement

Our studies gave NewsCred a full year of content. Their Impact of COVID on Marketers webinar smashed the following internal records:

  • Most webinar registrations: Over 1,000
  • Most webinar attendees: 325 MQLs
  • Most recorded webinar views: 3.9K
  • Over $750K of pipeline

Tier 1 press placement

NewsCred landed placements in Tier 1 news publications and industry-relevant press outlets, such as:

Small but mighty content team

Leaning so heavily on our research and analysis allowed NewsCred to drastically simplify their content and demand gen strategies with just a two-person content team.

Each piece of content they published was relevant to their audience, which meant they could stop playing the volume game and stay focused on producing content that they knew drove demand.

Original research flywheel

NewsCred developed insight-rich content that was relevant to their ICP since they were the survey audience.

Because it resonated with their target audience, it was also picked up by major press outlets. 

The combination of backlinks from PR – combined with the favor with which search engines view original, third-party research – helped them rank on the 1st page of SEO for targeted keywords. 

Exposure from the press and higher search rankings enabled more of their target audience to find their content, setting in motion what we call the demand research flywheel™️.

Doubled revenue and massive exit

As an output of the demand research flywheel™️, capturing relevant keywords and press coverage enabled NewsCred to reach more prospects with their content.

The focus on the top challenges specifically for NewsCred’s ICP made the content compelling for them.

NewsCred’s product solved the problems the audience is now interested in solving, which drove demand for their solution.

Rinse and repeat with ongoing surveys and our work doubled the company’s revenue.

In just twelve months, NewsCred went from stagnant growth to a 9-figure acquisition by Industry Dive.



Achieved top ranking spots in relevant, high volume keywords:

Top Marketing Initiatives for 2020 According to Marketers

  • #1 for “Top Marketing Initiatives” (4/23/20)
  • #3 for “Marketing Initiatives” (4/23/20)

5 Marketing Challenges for 2020 According to Survey Research

  • #4: “Top Marketing Challenges” (4/23/20)
  • #9: “Marketing Challenges” (4/23/20)


Smashed internal records for content engagement with their Impact of COVID on Marketers webinar:

  • Most webinar registrations: Over 1,000
  • Most webinar attendees: 325 MQLs
  • Most recorded webinar views (3.9K)
  • Influenced over $750K of pipeline


Received placement in major press outlets, including:

  • Business Insider
  • MarTech Series
  • Marketing Profs

Pipeline, Revenue, Acquisition

  • Doubled Marketing Sourced Pipeline
  • Doubled revenue
  • Acquired by Industry Dive for 9-figures
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